Hi my name is Natasha. I work as full time as nurse and have three kids and a husband. We drive a minivan–we call her Big Bertha. Most days are full of shit -there’s soccer, gymnastics, mommy and me swim time (until I got that horrible rash),YMCA classes, planned meals, doctors’ appointments and missed playdates. If I’m not doing activities with the kids, I feel like a awful parent, but when I am doing all these thing I’m like “Who the fuck scheduled all this shit?!


I figured my first post would be a good time for a backstory setup. I’ve known my husband Ray for 17 years and we have been married for 7. We are in our early 30’s so I’ve known him since a teenager.  I wouldn’t do this parenting thing with another man. Although don’t think everything is gumdrops and daffodils, there are times I want to just kick him in the shins.

Ray and I have three kids ages 11, 4, and 2.  Akila is our oldest. Because she is our first I am blindly navigating the bumpy waters of preteen-dom with her. These are some choppy waters.  She currently likes emojis, rose gold colored items, and expensive sneakers. Our 4-year-old Ari, loves dinosaurs, sports and words like fart and poo-poo diaper baby. Auset is our youngest at 2.  She loves hanging with her brother and will try to everything Ari does. This includes trying to pee standing up. Ari tries to remind her that she has a “Bagina” but… she doesn’t get it.

I make no stipulation of having the right or wrong answers in the parenting thing. I use Huggies and Pampers, I curse  and my house looks crazy more than it looks immaculate. I will mistakenly give my oldest three tasks and meltdown when she hasn’t completed one. I absolutely forbid caffeinated sodas but I have brought Yoohoos and cheese curls that balance out the Almond Milk and Zucchini noodle recipes I try from Pintrest.  As a mother, wife and a nurse, finding the humor in things keeps me sane. I am starting this blog to remember the humor and laughs found in being a parent, to share my epic journey of parenthood and to scream I know its not just me but I need to vent damn it!