Before I regale you of fabulous tales from moving tonight I will tell you a little story about how I just did a test run of driving to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Auset is brought downstairs by Akila’s friend, with Auset crying her eyes out. The girl is trying to explain that Auset just hit her right elbow on Akila’s knee and then just started freaking out.  I snatch Auset from her and take her to the couch. She’s not moving her right arm, or she can’t. I ask her to give me a high five and she keeps giving me her left hand. Ari is in the background saying “Do we need to call an ambulance?!”

At this point I knew I had to put it back in. This has happened before to her left elbow and when I took her to urgent care the doc showed me how to put it back in at home if need be. Apparently its common for children under 4.  I hold her arm and rotate her wrist the same way I remembered and I feel the bone sliding back into place.  Well Ausets’ cries hit a high pitch and she’s still not moving her arm. Sooooo we are headed to go to CHOP. I’m thinking it slipped back out, I only irritated it, but whatever the case we’re out.  I grab my bag, wake the husband to listen out for the kids, make a make-shift sling for Auset’s arm and throw Auset in her carseat to get my butt to CHOP. Ari is still running through the house going “I think we need to call an ambulance!”

I leave the house and as I’m  driving I notice Auset is quiet so I try to engage her. “Hey honey, you think you can give mommy a five if I wanted one?” “Mmm-hmm”, says Auset and she lifts her left hand. “Aww I guess you can’t do it with your other hand yet, no worries.” I keep driving. “Here mom-” I glance back to see Auset has taken her right arm out of the sling and is holding it up waiting for a high five! Making the next turn, I’m headed back home.

When I get back home and I’m taking Auset from the car, I go “That was brave Auset you did really well with your arm. Were you scared?” She says yeah and I go “Well mommy is a superhero and if you need help I will swoop down and help you, even though you are a hero too.” She goes “Am I a superhero princess?” and I tell her of course.

Now for the last hour and half she has been running,tumbling, and b-boying through the house screaming “I’m a hero princess, I’m a princess hero!” And when she wants to sit down she asks for her sling to be put on. Like didn’t your elbow just pop out?