It has been over a month since we moved, and it is definitely an adjustment for everyone. There have been so many funny things that happened that every time I think “Oh I can’t wait to write about this”, something else hilarious happens. I was going through a little sad phase moving from the place that held so many memories for me but these kids are creating tons of memories in this house that that’s all I can ask for. Here are a few short stories from our time getting adjusted.

Auset and the Dining Room

I thought by the time I posted this, things would’ve completely resolved but alas it has not. Since we moved into this house, Auset will not go into the dining room/kitchen alone.  For the first month, we literally had to hold her hand and walk her into the dining room. Imagine calling the kids to the table. Akila and Ari rushes to the table leaving Auset in the living room. She would try and catch up but if they left her she would stop in the hall and ask for someone to come and get her. And you had to go back and hold her hand. None of that I’ll meet you half way and we walk side by side crap. Legit “you come back, grab my hand and escort me into the kitchen”.

Now to be fair, I do have to give the back story that the washing machine is one the first floor in a closet. And when I first did laundry with whirring and swishing behind a closed door, it scared the shit out of her. I’m just glad it figuratively scared the shit out of her – otherwise doing laundry would’ve been very traumatic twice in one day.


Ari and no more locked doors

Ari, my man, is obsessed with all the doors. Here more space = more rooms = more doors. I find Ari always jiggling handles, opening doors, laying on the floor talking underneath the door to you, checking in and hiding in closets.  I have to tell him 3 times a day to leave the damn doors alone.  My greatest fear that was almost lived out is having Ari take Auset out of the front door. Imagine me rounding the kids up to leave – it involves, repetition and hollering (Put your shoes onnnnnnnnnn, put them on, put them both on).  Ari wanted to sit on the porch and after him and Auset had their shoes on they worked together to open both locks while I’m yelling at Akila to come downstairs and put on her shoes and went to sit on the porch. Unfortunately for him, I was standing not even 10 feet away so I saw everything. He got in trouble but is still the first person to reach for the door while he’s telling me he wants to go outside. New rule, his slip-on sneaks go on last.


Akila and space

Akila is something else. She is the epitome of wanting to have her cake and eat it too.  She doesn’t want to be left in the backroom all alone, so she utilizes everyone else’s space. Me: “Akila why are you doing your homework in Ari and Auset’s room?” Akila: “I focus more in here.” Me: “Akila why are you spread out over my bed?”  Akila: “I was lonely” Me: “But no one is even up here?!”  Her: *blank stare* … Me:     “Akila don’t sleep with Ari or Auset, you sleep too wild.”  Akila: “Why are forcing me back there by myself? In the same breath if she is in her room with the door shut and Ari with his curiosity of doors goes and open her door “ARRRIIIII, GET OUT OF MY ROOOOMMM!”. Like she didn’t just commandeer his room for two hours while she did homework. It won’t work like that. So for my personal retaliation, I make it a personal habit to go and open her door anytime it’s closed, even if I have nothing to say. Coming in and out the bathroom? Door opened. Taking the kids to the bathroom? Door opened. Coming to get something from my room? Door opened.  Akila forgot for a second her mom can be petty.


Everyday we stay here, Auset is getting more used to the washing machine in the closet, Ari….still is obessed with doors, and Akila is using her desk more and more for homework. Progress people, we are making progress.