I have been trying to post this entry for days, nay weeks, but it hasn’t been in my cards. I feel like stars were in alignment last night to be able to sit and type. Usually the kids crash and I’m sleep shortly after them. But last night was magical. I kept moving around the house, cooking and cleaning, then I turned around and everyone was sleep. I took a quick, lonely (read: lovely) shower and thought I still had some energy to write. But then…I woke up at 730am with an open laptop and three sentences written so I kind of overestimated that.  But that shower man, was awesome.

Anyway, the highlight of these past few weeks has been Auset and her obsession with her outfits. She is insisting on wearing what she wants out the house and since it is not a battle I’m willing to fight, she has gone out looking mighty crazy. One week she wore nothing but slippers for shoes. So, to Target, to the YMCA we have this mismatched girl walking around with purple slippers just as happy as a clam – because I didn’t insist on shoes. The first time she tried that I stopped her because we don’t wear our outside shoes in the house and I didn’t want her slippers to become outside shoes and she cried for over an hour to have her slippers on so she could walk outside to the car and back. I didn’t let her at that time but for future outings I did give up on trying to keep her slippers inside shoes. I “guess” on the bright side Auset has made them outside shoes on her own and leaves them at the doorway with all the other outside shoes, so we’re both happy. But if it’s not the slippers its been her Uggs or her booties boots – now matter the weather or what she is wearing.


Another recent obsession of Auset has been pants. And not just any pants, colorful, leggings with crraazzzyyy design and patterns.  When we first moved I brought her jeans, because – life- that’s why. Well she wasn’t having any of it.  She wanted pants!!Pants!! She legit refused to wear any other pant except these blue tights with gold stars for three days. I would wash her, she would ask for the pants, I’d put her to bed and she would say –“hey? Where’s my pants” And god help you if you gave her jeans, or non- blue with stars tights. You’re fucked. So, I went online to Gap and Carter’s and I brought a shit ton of tights. I mean an excessive amount. Like if you saw how many tights you’d ask me why Tasha, why?!! Because she can’t wear blue sparkly tights forever man, and I wanted to blow her mind with more options.

So, the tights come in the mail and I’m pulling them out of the box like clowns from a clown car. And her mind?, – effectively blown. It was like an early Christmas.  She was the happiest she has been – since I don’t know – the girl was super happy. Now the tights barely match any shirt, and half of the time she looks like a unicorn vomited on her clothes, but the girl is happy.  She cries about to much other shit to have her cry about outfits that would be too much.


During this whole ordeal with wearing the same tights forever she would wake up and ask for her “sunshine shirt”. She didn’t have a sunshine shirt so I thought she was being stubborn and would tell her we don’t have it, ask for something else and she would insist on a “sunshine” shirt. A few times she would wake up say “good morning mommy”, wait for my reply and then say, “Can I have my sunshine shirt?” The morning after buying the tights she wakes up says good morning mommy, waits for my reply and asks for her sunshine shirt. I’m irritated because she has like 50 million pairs of tights and is asking for a shirt we don’t fucking have. So, I leave her room and go into my room and grab a basket that I washed shortly after we moved but never folded. I complained to my husband about how Auset keeps asking for a shirt we don’t have.  I pull out one of Auset shirts and there are charters on it – Shimmer and Shine. And I knew with her baby voice this is what she was asking for = for weeks!! I call her in the room and she’s already wearing two shirts and I show her the Shimmer and Shine shirt and – mind blown again. “ShimShine”!! She snatches the shirt and puts in ON TOP of the two. “ShimShine” she singing to herself as she goes to get more shirts. Yes, I said more shirts. By the end of her being dressed she had on 6, six, seis, seese, 여섯, shirts- a mixture of short sleeve, long sleeve and tank tops. And she wore them all day. All day. All day. On errands, through dinner, she rocked them shirts.  You would think she was hot? Nope. Maybe once I thought she was but she still wanted those shirts.



These past few weeks I’ve really learned to pick my battles and folks, clothes ain’t it. Except with the oldest. Why can’t Akila layer up like Auset?!! I mean I’d settle for a tank top under a white shirt or zippering her jacket when it’s cold out…..