This summer has been such a rainy one. Every time I turn around and plan an excursion, it rains. Every time I plan to take the kids to the playground, it’s wet. The kids learned the hard way that a wet playground is not where they want to be.

A month ago, I went to the YMCA with Ari and Auset. It had rained but they insisted that I take them to playground. I tried patiently discussing with them that no, the slide and everything in there would be wet, but Ari and Auset was not hearing any of it. So- I figured Hey, sometimes they must learn by firsthand experience.  I walked them into the playground and asked them “Hey, are you sure you guys want to go down the slide when it’s wet?” Ari responds “I’m going down the slide.”  Even when they got to the slide I gave one final warning. “It rained so I can see the slide is wet…” Ari looked me right in the eye and slid down. Water splashed over the edges of the slide as his eyes grew wide with the comprehension that the slide was indeed wet and now so was he! He burst out in tears at the bottom of the slide as his pants were soaking wet. Hearing Ari cry Auset must’ve thought my turn!  Because she then came down the slide and got wet and started to cry.

I laugh, satisfied. I told these fools well before we came in it was a bad idea. I should add the fun fact that Ari hates his clothes to be wet. Hates it. So now that he’s wet, he’s crying, asking me to leave. My response – “You’re already wet, so go play.” Imadethem play for another 5 minutes, even going down another untouched wet slide. Ari was beside himself but Auset had already adapted to being wet and was like whatever, I get to go down a slide!

Fast forward to last week when we drop Ari off at Camp and Auset demands to go the playground. After beginning a battle that I didn’t want to continue for the 25 minutes it takes to get home, I walk her back to the playground. I walked Auset over to a slide. She touches and confirms that it is wet. “What about that slide?” – she points to another slide. So, I walk her to that slide.  “What about those things over there?” I walk her to the ride-on whale and frog. Each part of the playground she touches and confirms that each piece of playground equipment is wet before we are cleared to leave without a fight. We get back to the car and Auset goes “Ok then, well now I want a water ice.”



My husband likes to hang out in the backyard recline with a beer and listen to music on a warm non-rainy summer night. Auset…likes to rock out.