After a hiatus I’m back! I got caught up in the whirlwind of back to school and finding out my next steps in life that everytime I thought about writing about some crazy crap someone said or did, I became straight narcoleptic, choosing instead to sleep in a futile effort to lessen my sleep debt.

Since a solid school routine had been established, pickups, drop offs and lunch menus planned, I decided  I earned myself a staycation. Now in my mind a staycation involved catching up on my DVR, going to the gym, starting up this blog again, a few well placed activities heavily mixed with lounging around. And errands, because -errands don’t stop. There was one flaw to my plan- not all of my kids are in school –dun dun dunnnnnn.  This staycation is exactly the same as the weekdays I am off of work.  I mean, I don’t want to go to work, but I just can’t appreciate the “vacation” in staycation.

So far, besides the scheduled gymnastics class, (whose idea was it to wait for gymnastics classes for two hours with a toddler is beyond me 😁😏), I’ve taken the kids to the zoo for their boo at the zoo event. I should have known that things might go downhill when Auset jumped of a moving stroller going down a ramp from the parking lot. But no, my optimism won out and we pressed on. Until she fell off the stroller in front of the cheetah, cutting her inner lip with her tooth, splitting her outer lip and chin, and crying for 30+ minutes straight while I tried to staunch the blood, convinced that she has a personal vendetta against herself. The last time we went to pick fruit at an orchard, she face planted on rocky gravel and split her mouth then too. I thought it was a survival mechanism to protect your face. Auset? Didn’t get the memo.

Auset and I also did some gardening, I brought a bag of 300 luminating rocks and it wasn’t unil we put them out that I thought “Hmmm we will need a bunch more…” So that project is done! We also put our pumpkin on the porch. He’s a bit small but hey, once we find his buddies it will be ok. We put lights in the window too, but Akila said they look sad.  Ari said everything looked good, we just need spiderwebs so there!

I’ve also played pretend cooking, cars and my little pony more times then I can count. But I’ve also had more mommy/daughter time with the oldest, and read more books to the youngest two and played outside more as well. My DVR is still full, and I haven’t worked on my novel, but I’ve gone to the gym quite a bit, I have a nice supply of vanilla hot cocoa, and nap time is the shiznik. Oh, and I painted my nails!

So on second thought – even though I had to pull a half a roll of paper towels out of the toilet yesterday morning because Auset peed in the potty and now the toilet “won’t flush”, Ari has left his bookbag/jacket/lunch/head in the doorway almost every time he has left for school, and Akila slow movements in getting ready can actually reverse time, I’m actually enjoying staying at home.