I have wrapped all my gifts, they’re under the tree and I’m ready to crash. Everyone has their Christmas Pajamas on and ready for morning photos (except the party pooper hubby), and as I was making sure the tree looked just right, and the floor is swept and mopped at  12:30 in the morning, I thought, hey I should get back into writing my blog and start strong for the New Year! I recently switched jobs, trading in my three 12-hour shifts for a five day, 8-hour work week is really kicking my ass. I seriously don’t know how people have been working five days a week this whole time in life. Shit is crazy.  My stressor isn’t even the work itself it’s literally getting everyone where they have to be so that I can get into work and then rushing to pick everyone up after work for dinner and “downtime” (fake ass downtime).  That being said blogging has been something I’ve been meaning to do but I can fall asleep while making dinner, so, no.

But enough of that. I am sooo excited for Christmas morning. I love the joy and excitement the two youngest have when they go downstairs and find gifts waiting for them. I love watching them open their gifts and then all shit breaks loose when I never have enough batteries (Oh crap, where’s the batteries?!!). Akila is a stone-faced joy killer, so she will just open her gifts methodically and go check. My husband and I always give each other a list with the idea to only get one or two things off of them, but then we always try to get one another something that wasn’t on the list that will bring the feels anyway. On my list I only had three things-some picture frames, a small icemaker, and a Goldendoodle, preferably over 6 months. Ray is begrudgingly letting me get the dog, but has made it clear that he won’t be the one bringing it home. So, I know that he PROBABLY won’t get the dog, but a girl can still have a small glimmer of hope. Right? Right?!! 😔 Icemaker it will be.

This season, well actually in the fall, the toddlers found to my dismay – commercials. Commercials are the devil.  The kids usually watch Hulu and Netflix so there aren’t any commercials but one day I wasn’t feeling well and I thought Hey, let’s use the cable I’m paying for and turned on cable for the kids. It started with Ari running in the bedroom “Hey mom, can I have a toy helicopter?” “Put it on your Birthday or Christmas list when you write it.” Then Auset “Hey mom, can I have Shimmer and Shine?” “Put it on a list honey.” Then they run out of the room. Pitter patter, pitter patter. About 10 minutes later –  pitter patter, pitter patter “Hey mom can I can have….” This happened about four times before I’m like what the hell are these kids watching that they are running in here every 5 minutes?!! I storm in the room and realize Nick Jr has been promoting all kinds of fun ass toys. “TV time is over. Let’s read in bed to mommy while she lays down.” I think they have watched cable TV one time since then and that first commercial torture time was back in September. 

I do hope the kids do like what I got them. I really tried listen and to put thought into what I got everyone but who knows. I’m sure I got something Akila will be all Ughhh mom. But that’s cool, I just can’t wait to crack open that ice maker and make some smoothies.