Today was a snow day!! I left work early today because of the I knew that I’d have a hard time getting home and in between web meetings, mocking up agendas, and a snowball fight, I thought “Hey, I should update my blog – I wrote up this story about how we are all transitioning to me leaving bedside- I should post it.”  And then I remembered two Mondays ago. The traffic from hell, and the cookie that ruined my day and  I figured, – let’s go with that first.

That awful Monday started like any other Monday. Actually no, I greeted the morning with a smile, walking through the house with a spring in my step. I woke up Ari and I walked him to the bathroom so that he can get ready. “Hey mom, do I have to go to afterschool today?” Ari asked me as he was half asleep. “Yeah buddy, you have to go three days a week and Mondays are one of them.” I answered in a upbeat voice and then I left the bathroom. When I went back in I found Ari on the floor, hugging his knees, bawling. I grabbed the door frame for support because why?! Whyyyyyy!! In my most pleasant voice I ask “Hey bud is there anything happening at aftercare you need to tell mommy about?” No he says. “Is anyone hitting you or screaming at you, or anything you think I should know about?” “No.” “So then why are so upset about aftercare that you’re on the floor?” “I just don’t like going!” Here folks is the beginning of when I know I may need to dig deep today. Channeling Full House, the Cosby’s and Family Matters, I put my hand on Ari’s shoulder and explain that since mommy is working 5 days a week now, he has to stay at school a LITTLE bit longer, but then I get to plan fun trips and things to do on the weekend. I give him a hug and he looks me dead in the eye and says – “I don’t want to go to aftercare.” Done. I’m done. I tell him I can’t help with that and I leave the bathroom.


I pass this discussion over to his dad and I get on with business. Auset plays sleeping beauty while I dress her until I start to carry her downstairs and she opens one eye and almost rolls out of my arms. “I don’t want to wear this!!Where’s’ my puppy!!” Fuckkk. I rush her back to her room and throw her on a tutu. Because hey, you can never go wrong with a tutu. Eventually throwing everyone in the van, I book it around to my sister-in-laws house and drop off the oldest two.


Then I make my way to Ausest’s daycare.  All is going smoothly until I turn left on a block and traffic is at a standstill. There are multiple traffic lights down and people are just confused to the point of not moving.  A 8 min ride is now almost 20 mins. Pulling up to the daycare I hop out of the car and run to the passenger side to get Auset and her bags out. However, Auset has no lunch bag. Shit! Back in the car to drive to my house. But again a 5 minute ride is another 15 minutes. I get to the house and take another 15 minute ride back to the daycare. Running Auset in, doing the AM bathroom and bye-bye routine, I haul ass to the car and try to manage my way to my parking spot to get to work.  But alas more down traffic lights equal another 20 minute drive. Since I park on the street, and now it’s well after 8am, I pray for a spot that I can get so I don’t have to park in the parking lot an extra two blocks back. The parking gods did not disappoint! I found a sweet parking spot . I grab my bag to pay for parking…. And guess what? No wallet. Car goes back on and I take a 20 minute drive (which let’s all remember should’ve been  maybe 10 minutes) back to my house to get my wallet. But alas, I can’t find it. I grab change, 5.00s of Ari’s birthday money and a loose credit card.

Starting to panic, I hop back in my car because- hey I was there all morning. Think! I start to drive back to my sister-in-law house and text my coworkers in my office to see if they can check my desk for a wallet.  Almost pulling up to her house to check the street and BAM! I receive a text telling me my wallet was in my desk at work. Ok, time to turn around and drive another 20 minutes back to work.  I park, pay for parking and book it to work, getting there at a cool 2.5 hours from the initial pull off from my house. I stayed in my car so long, I ate my lunch.

And that was just getting to work. The day at work wasn’t any better with the highlight at work being at some point I drew on my shirt while talking and left squiggly circles and marks around my boob and nipple area. Which then became a talking point in throughout the day. But that’s just went along with the theme of the day so whateves.

What really was the last straw on the camel’s back was when I finally got home and decided to eat a thin mint and reached for a sleeve of thin mints and popped a chocolate cookie in my mouth only to find it was a chocolate covered peanut butter cookie! My world was ruined. Why?! Come to find out Akila had one peanut butter girl scout cookie and decided a) to not just eat it but b) put that poor excuse for a cookie in my beloved thin mints package.  It’s been two weeks later and I will tell you that the worst thing that happened to me was eating the wrong cookie.