So I know I’ve been gone for a while. I know, I have bad coping skills. My brain is resistant to this change in lifestyle.

Being a student nurse assistant and then a nurse, I can say for pretty much my whole adult life I’ve worked 3 twelve hour shifts. It has its pros, its cons, but hey, I knew it. Moving to a new job where it is a five day a week gig is sin. Complete blasphemy.My brain can’t handle that I have to be presentable 5 whole days during the week. I’m still coping a year later.

Apparently my kids can’t handle the change either. While the two oldest are struggling with having to go to aftercare after being in school ALL day, the youngest one struggles with…lunch. Let me share for you a real life conversation of preparing lunch.

*Making school lunch*
Auset: mom I want a cheese ONLY sandwich
Me: * makes cheese sandwich*
Auset: Mom I wanted ORANGE cheese not YELLOW
Me: *Switches the American for Cheddar*
Auset: Mom is there raspberries with the strawberries?
Me: 😑
Auset: *hands me the container back* you HAVE to add raspberries! I had them BOTH yesterday and they were delicious!
Me: *Add raspberries*
Auset: I want VANILLA yogurt
Me: This Danimals pack doesn’t have vanilla
Auset: But I WANT vanilla Danimals
Me: Go away.
Auset: 😲
–The End–

And that my friends is a normal conversation. I foresee many rants regarding lunch packing ahead. You’ve been warned.