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Gloves in the house is a no-no

I had my morning all planned so that should tell you where I first messed up in this story. I had my oldest at the bus stop on time and after seeing her off I planned to let the kids... Continue Reading →

The Great Day of Whine…

I sat down to start my blog entry for this week and I before I could even pull up a word document to start my rough draft, I heard it. “Moooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm, Settie’s foot is on my back... Moooommmm, she is... Continue Reading →

And so it Begins…

Hi my name is Natasha. I work as full time as nurse and have three kids and a husband. We drive a minivan–we call her Big Bertha. Most days are full of shit -there’s soccer, gymnastics, mommy and me swim... Continue Reading →

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