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Christmas! The Pre-game Set Up. 

I have wrapped all my gifts, they’re under the tree and I’m ready to crash. Everyone has their Christmas Pajamas on and ready for morning photos (except the party pooper hubby), and as I was making sure the tree looked... Continue Reading →

The Playground on Rainy Days

This summer has been such a rainy one. Every time I turn around and plan an excursion, it rains. Every time I plan to take the kids to the playground, it's wet. The kids learned the hard way that a... Continue Reading →

Marital Bonding…. Over Hiding Snacks

The other day I opened the freezer and found a juice box sized Yoo-hoo. I got pissed, pulled it out of the freezer and turned to my oldest. “Uh No, those last four was your dads’ and mine, you get... Continue Reading →

Auset’s Fashion Sense

I have been trying to post this entry for days, nay weeks, but it hasn’t been in my cards. I feel like stars were in alignment last night to be able to sit and type. Usually the kids crash and... Continue Reading →

New House new quirks

It has been over a month since we moved, and it is definitely an adjustment for everyone. There have been so many funny things that happened that every time I think “Oh I can’t wait to write about this”, something... Continue Reading →

The Superhero Princess’s Practice Ride to CHOP

Before I regale you of fabulous tales from moving tonight I will tell you a little story about how I just did a test run of driving to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Auset is brought downstairs by Akila's friend,... Continue Reading →

Interplanetary moving and snow days

Eviction Notice The has been some concern that I might be moving far away. Luckily this is not the case as Ari has given me permission to stay. Ari had been having a rough week I can only assume as... Continue Reading →

Everybody Hates Mommy

When I started this blog I thought “Oh yeah, I can definitely do this every week, I mean I’m surrounded by four times the material” But what is really boils to is if I want to do it. And these... Continue Reading →

And so it Begins…

Hi my name is Natasha. I work as full time as nurse and have three kids and a husband. We drive a minivan–we call her Big Bertha. Most days are full of shit -there’s soccer, gymnastics, mommy and me swim... Continue Reading →

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